Nov 15


One of our regular visitors from California got a hole-in-one at Maui Nui Golf Club last Monday.  David Frost is a golf-aholic, just like so many of us here at The Shores of Maui, and when he tee’d off of hole #12 – par 3, his golf buddies were cheering when the ball plunked into the cup.  We had 3 tee-times that day, so it didn’t take long for the other 2 four-somes to get the news.  The golf course gave him a flag – as is tradition, and as is also tradition, David bought drinks all around for our golfers; but that’s not all.  We had to celebrate during happy hour at the pool at 4:30 that afternoon.  Just like the EverReady bunnies – it went on and on – and all good.  Congratulations to David.

We have 5 tee-times tomorrow – so we wonder what other exciting event we might have.  Aloha – life is good on Maui.


Where did the ball go? Oh - in the cup!!!

Where did the ball go? Oh – in the cup!!!

Party hearty - David's buying

Party hearty – David’s buying