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Nov 15


There is a group of fun-lovin’ Canadians that are regulars at The Shores of Maui in November, and ya’ just dunno what will happen next. We have pupus by the pool on Thursdays, and on November 12th, we had the annual singing of “Screen Door” (which sounds like green door with a couple of modifications) …

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Nov 08


We have been remiss in not providing information about The Shores of Maui. We celebrate many special occasions at The Shores, and one of them is Canadian Thanksgiving. We have our potluck dinner by the pool – as we do on American Thanksgiving, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. This year we had approximately 44 people …

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Jan 17

What do we do at The Shores on Thursdays? Thanks for asking ……

On most Thursdays during the year, The Shores of Maui’s pool area turns into a smorgasbord of fantastic “pupus” that owners, visitors and guests all bring to serve the  masses.  Last Thursday, January 15th, 2015 – we had a record crowd and no one went away hungry that is for sure.  The menu item each …

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Jan 08

Christmas Dinner at The Shores of Maui.

What do we do?  Take a look – we have a potluck dinner.  Owners, Visitors and Guests start setting up at 3:30ish, happy hour and mingling starts around 4:30, and a full Christmas Dinner is served at 5:30.  This year was our most attended Christmas dinner EVER with 61 people; that also included friends of …

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Dec 02

Nov. 27th, 2014 – Thanksgiving is “Giving Thanks” at The Shores of Maui.

Over 30 residents, visitors and guests of visitors enjoyed a potluck Turkey Dinner with ALL the trimmings to celebrate “Giving Thanks” in honour of American Thanksgiving.  This is an annual event at The Shores, where Canadians and Americans – and other nationalities – come together and be truly thankful for all that we have.  There …

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Oct 14

SOM Celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving 2014

The Shores of Maui community celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving, American Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special events in this gorgeous picnic area.  On October 13th, over 30 owners and guests enjoyed a potluck turkey dinner by the pool with all the trimmings.

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